16 Golden Dragon Bus Delivered To Shunyuan Motor Transport Again

16 Golden Dragon Bus Delivered To Shunyuan Motor Transport Again
     Shunyuan Automobile Transport was established in 2008 and is a leading private passenger transport enterprise in Guilin. Chairman Ge Lin started buying his own cars and traveling since 1997. He started with a van, and later bought minibuses and buses. From one car to over 100 cars, he went from individual operation to later establishment of a company for operation, steadily developing and gradually expanding in scale. Over the years, he has accumulated a good reputation in the local market of Guilin.
     Guilin is a tourist city. In the fiercely competitive market, how can we build the core competitiveness of tourism passenger transportation enterprises? More than 20 years of work experience have given Ge Dong valuable insights. "The quality and quantity of vehicles are crucial," said Ge Dong "With the improvement of people's living standards, passengers' requirements for the quality of vehicles and ride comfort are constantly increasing. Shunyuan Automobile Transport strictly controls the purchased vehicles and puts forward higher requirements. By controlling every detail, it can improve passengers' satisfaction. For example, during summer tourism, the cooling effect of the air conditioning system must be excellent to provide passengers with a cool and comfortable riding experience under high temperatures."
In addition, meticulous and thoughtful service is also a winning weapon for Shunyuan Auto. According to Ge Dong, the first batch of new Jinlv cars returned to Guilin this year and participated in a team reception. Due to their outstanding performance, they were awarded two banners by the local travel agency, one being "Excellent Team" and the other being "Best Service". Shunyuan Automobile leverages the power of new cars, with a united team and a spirit of hard work, to seize the peak after the epidemic and fully showcase the company's highlights. Not only in the tourism market, but also in the commuting market, Shunyuan Automobile Transport has gained the trust of users. In the just passed middle school and college entrance exams, Shunyuan Automobile Transport has also taken on a heavy responsibility, successfully completing the transportation tasks for candidates, and has received widespread praise from candidates, parents, and society. Ge Dong said, "During the service of the middle and high school entrance exams, we conduct inspections every morning to ensure everything is in place. We also dispatch a repair car to ensure everything is safe and sound. This is a very important moment for students and parents, and we must provide the best service and not let them down.".
     At the end of April this year, we received the first batch of golden tour buses, which happened to coincide with the peak period of Guilin tourism on May Day. The high attendance rate and reliability made us very reassured about the vehicles, and we immediately added this second batch of vehicles. If we need to add more vehicles before National Day, Jinlv will still be our first choice Ge Dong stated that in the competition among numerous manufacturers, the key to Jinlv Bus's success lies in its sales and after-sales service. The sales team of Jinlv Bus often communicates and maintains contact with Shunyuan Automobile Transport. This proactive service attitude and professional ability left a deep impression on Ge Dong. In addition, Jinlv Bus also attaches great importance to after-sales service, providing timely and effective support for Shunyuan Automobile Transport.

     Ge Dong said: I saw the delivery of the new Jinlv car today and I am very satisfied. Most of the cars have already departed for Guilin, and there are still 4 cars waiting for the driver. They have been delayed until tonight because they cannot buy high-speed train tickets. Our original plan was to take a Jinlv bus with all the drivers who picked us up, but currently there are too many tourism teams to pick up. All the company's vehicles have left, and the driver can only come by high-speed train  From Ge Dong's helpless yet joyful narration, we feel the recovery and growth of Guilin's tourism market, and feel Ge Dong's full confidence in the current market development. May Jinlv Bus and Shunyuan Auto Transport work together to provide better services for the Guilin tourism market with excellent quality!

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