Higer Bus Once Again Serves The United Nations Climate Change Conference

Higer Bus once again serves the United Nations Climate Change Conference

     The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As a leading brand in China's bus manufacturing industry, Suzhou Higer Bus once again proudly sets out to provide designated public transportation shuttle services for this conference.

After successfully serving as the only Chinese bus brand at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in 2022, Higer Bus once again showcases China's wisdom and vivid practices in green development to the world through practical actions.


     During the 2023 Global Climate Conference, Suzhou  Higer Bus's pure electric flagship model Azure12 provided green transportation for attendees. The Azure12 has a beautiful and high-end luxury design, with LED headlights and dynamic ambient lighting all over the car, which captivates people at first sight; Specially developed tropical fresh air conditioning system, perfectly adapted to the hot climate of the United Arab Emirates; The whole vehicle is equipped with a high-capacity battery to further improve its endurance, solve mileage anxiety, and fully meet the needs of meeting and connecting all day long, without the need for mid way charging. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with customized system configurations such as an air suspended adjustable driver's seat, EPB electronic parking system, ADAS intelligent driving assistance system, and 360 panoramic view system. With the support of various "black technologies", Azure12 not only is environmentally friendly, but also makes the driver's driving experience more reassuring and the passenger's riding experience more comfortable. According to the operation route of the conference, Higer pure electric buses provide full shuttle services for this year's COP28, running 10 times a day in the inner circle and connecting over 800 attendees in a single day.
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