King Long Buses Delivered To Jianyang Bus In Batches

King Long Buses Delivered To Jianyang Bus In Batches
     In order to further promote the construction of "safe public transportation", strive to improve the civilized image and service quality, actively promote green and smart travel, and continuously transform corporate development results into measures to serve people's livelihood and the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, on February 5, 2024, King Long and Wuyi Development Jianyang Bus Company, a subsidiary of the group, held a "first-level" low-floor new energy bus delivery ceremony.
The buses and tourist buses introduced by Jianyang Bus Company this time will cover all major road sections in Wuyi New District and Jianyang City. At the same time, they will improve the service capabilities of the Wuyi Mountain tourist bus. This will not only greatly improve the "ageing-friendly" service level of buses, but also provide The masses have provided beautiful and comfortable travel services.
     Facing the future, the application of King Long new energy vehicles will continue to help Jianyang Bus accelerate its development of green and smart travel to a new level, and bring new experiences to the citizens of Jianyang for a better travel experience.

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