Relationship Between Basic Performance And Bus Maintenance

Relationship Between Basic Performance And Bus Maintenance
During the design of Chinese bus, the economy of the whole vehicle is guaranteed by selecting the engine with excellent economic performance, optimizing the intake and exhaust system, and reasonably matching the transmission system. During vehicle maintenance, we can take the following measures to improve the economic performance of bus.
1. Select the correct oil products: engine oil, gear oil, antifreeze, clutch oil, direction oil, and lubricating grease should be selected from the correct brand and regular manufacturer.
2. Select the correct material: the manufacturer and model (material) of all kinds of filter elements, clutch plates, brake shoes and other vulnerable parts must be selected correctly.
3. Select the correct maintenance time. Please check and maintain in strict accordance with the provisions of the maintenance schedule.
4.Check the suspension system. The performance of the shock absorber must be good, no oil leakage, no loose connection, and the airbag height is appropriate.

Check the air conditioning and heating systems to ensure that all functions are normal and there are no faults.
6. Check the internal facilities such as seats, curtains, drinking fountains, ceiling windows, audio-visual systems, etc., to ensure that all equipment functions well and has no faults.
7. Do a good job of environmental sanitation in the car and do not stack miscellaneous items.
8. Check the braking system to ensure that the braking performance is good, free from jamming and deviation. Ensure normal brake clearance, brake shoes and brake drums are free of cracks, the thickness is within the specified range, and the air pump inflation function is normal.
9. Check the steering system to ensure that the steering is light and flexible, the height of the power oil level is normal, and the connecting parts of the steering transmission are not loose.

Check that the safety door and safety window function well, are installed firmly, and the accessories are complete.
11. Check that the seat is firmly installed and the safety belt function is normal.
12. Check that the glass and frame of the whole vehicle are firmly connected without cracks, looseness and abnormal noise.
13. Check and adjust the reversing mirror and ensure that the reversing monitor functions normally.
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