Do You Really Know How To Use Retarder?

Do You Really Know How To Use The Retarder?
The correct use of the bus retarder is not only an important link to play its due role, improve the safety performance of the vehicle and improve the transportation efficiency, but also the key to ensure the long-term stable work of the retarder.
1. Generally, the manual control mode shall be used as far as possible (pause at each gear when using the manual control), which can greatly reduce the load of the wheel brake, avoid overheating of the wheel brake and keep it in good working condition. When encountering an emergency while driving, you can handle it freely.

2. When the vehicle is unloaded or driving on ice, snow or muddy roads, the adhesion of wheels to the ground is low, especially for vehicles without ABS. When using the joint control, be careful not to shift up too fast to avoid wheel slip caused by excessive force.

3. When the vehicle is driving in the mountain area, especially when going downhill for a long distance, remember not to continuously place the hand control switch of the retarder at a high position to avoid the coil burning due to the continuous overheating of the retarder. When the road is steep or in a sharp turn, the main brake shall be used alternately to cooperate with the retarder to control the speed according to the road conditions.

4. When the vehicle stops, if the manual switch does not return to the zero position, it should be returned to the zero position in time to avoid unnecessary consumption of electric energy and overheating of the retarder; When the manual switch returns to zero, it can be completed at one time without staying in the middle gear.

5. It is recommended that you do not use the retarder 3-4 km or 10 minutes before the planned stop, so that it can be fully cooled before the stop to avoid poor heat dissipation.

6. When the retarder is not operated, make sure that the retarder working indicator on the instrument panel is off. If the indicator is on, check and eliminate the fault immediately. Remember not to drive the vehicle continuously with the fuel filler valve when the retarder is not working normally.

7. The main power switch of the retarder must be cut off before the fault is eliminated.

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