World Cup Venue: Moroccan Fans Watch The Football By Higer Coach

World Cup Venue: Moroccan Fans Watch The Football By Higer Bus
     On November 27, 2022, Doha time, the World Cup venue was full of cheers and whistles, and people cheered for the second round of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Group F.
     This game is played by the "European Red Devils" Belgium against the "Atlas Lion" Morocco. Morocco scored a free kick in the first half of the match after making up time. According to VAR's judgment, the team mate's offside score was cancelled. In the first half, the score was 0-0; In the second half, Morocco scored twice in succession, winning 2-0 against the odds.

     As the second ranked Belgian team in the World Cup, it has never lost to the team of African countries in the World Cup, and its unbeaten status was broken. Morocco scored 4 points, overtook Belgium and occupied the first place in the group, becoming another dark horse in this World Cup.

     After the game, a football fan who left the stadium by Higer Bus said excitedly: "There is no doubt that today the Moroccan team has created a miracle by defeating the strong with the weak!" "For the Moroccan team, today is the home game - Moroccan fans are everywhere, cheering throughout the stadium." The fan also analyzed and said, "Qatar and Morocco have many similarities, including geographical latitude, climate characteristics, etc., which is conducive to Moroccan players to adapt to the competition environment here. Even the buses they are taking now are Higer buses like Morocco, and this is our home!"
As the Moroccan fan said, the Higer Bus, which serves the Qatar World Cup, is also very popular in the local area. In July 2019, Higer Bus officially delivered 248 "Scania Higer" high-end buses CL120 to Moroccan operators and put them into the public transport system operation in Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

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