How Much Do You Know About Gearbox Oil?

How Much Do You Know About Gearbox Oil?
Today, we will talk about gearbox oil.For a gearbox, the most important thing is the gearbox lubricating oil! It plays an irreplaceable role in protecting the gearbox and ensuring its smooth operation.High quality gearbox oil plays a vital role in prolonging the service life of the gearbox.
1. First of all, what is the function of gearbox lubricating oil?
(1) Lubrication: This is the primary role of the gearbox oil to maintain the lubricity between gears inside the gearbox and reduce wear.
(2) Heat dissipation: Due to the friction between gears, the gearbox will generate more heat, which requires gearbox oil for heat dissipation.
(3) Cleaning: keep the inside of the gearbox clean, and extend the life of the shifting system.

2. The price of high-quality gearbox oil is often on the high side. How to distinguish the quality special lubricating oil for gearbox?
(1) Observe the viscosity: the viscosity of high-quality gearbox oil is relatively high, and you can pull out fine wires with your hands.
(2) Observe bubbles: bubbles rarely appear after the high-quality gearbox oil shakes.
(3) Smell: High quality gearbox oil will have a burnt smell.

3. To ensure the quality of special gearbox lubricating oil , the lubricating oil needs to be replaced frequently, otherwise the gearbox will be damaged after the oil deteriorates.
Due to the poor working environment of the gearbox oil of passenger cars, the gearbox oil will be oxidized after a certain period of time, which will make the oil quality of the gearbox ineffective and will not play the role of lubrication, heating and cleaning.

4. How often should the gearbox lubricating oil be replaced?
Generally speaking, many models have clear provisions in the instructions, and it is OK to follow the instructions. Some bus gearboxes are maintenance free for life, so they can be replaced at any time. If the gearbox of the bus is not maintenance free, the lubricating oil of the automatic gearbox can be replaced every 40000 km, and the manual gearbox can be replaced every 30000 km.

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