Gearbox Knowledge

Gearbox Knowledge

The bus gearbox is a set of transmission devices used to coordinate the engine speed and the actual driving speed of the wheels, which is used to give play to the best performance of the engine. The transmission can produce different transmission ratios between the engine and the wheels when the vehicle is running.

At present, some buses on the market are manual gearbox.
Manual gearbox is a kind of transmission whose transmission ratio can only be changed by manually pulling the transmission lever. Manual gearbox mainly consists of gearbox case, transmission components (input/output shaft, gear, synchronizer, etc.), and control components (shift rod, shift fork, etc.).

A very important mechanism in the gearbox is the shift mechanism,synchronizer is an important part of the gear shifting mechanism.
When the transmission is shifting, especially when shifting from high gear to low gear, it is easy to produce impact between gear teeth or spline teeth. In order to avoid impact between teeth, synchronizers are set in gear shifting devices. There are two types of synchronizers: normal pressure synchronizer and inertial synchronizer. At present, inertial synchronizer is used on most synchronous transmissions, which is mainly composed of joint sleeve, synchronous lock ring, etc., and mainly relies on friction to achieve synchronization.

The gearbox is a part of the transmission system, and only one gearbox is composed of many accessories.Today, let's introduce the parts of the gearbox!
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