Chassis Knowledge

Chassis knowledge
The chassis receives the power from the engine to make the car move and enable the car to run on the road according to the driver's wishes. The chassis is composed of transmission system, driving system, steering system and braking system. Here is a brief introduction to these systems.

1. Transmission system

The transmission system transmits the power of the engine to the driving wheels. The transmission system includes the clutch kit , gearbox, driveshaft, final drive, differential, axle shaft, etc.

2. Driving system
The driving system will install all assemblies and components of the vehicle in proper positions to support the whole vehicle and adhere to the road surface, mitigate road impact and vibration, and ensure the normal driving of the vehicle. The driving system of wheeled vehicle is generally composed of frame, axle, wheel and suspension. The wheels support the axle, which is connected with the frame through elastic suspension. The frame is the base of the whole car. It connects the relevant assemblies of the car into a whole, forming the basis for the assembly of the car.
3. Steering system
The steering system can ensure that the car runs in the direction selected by the driver. It is composed of steering gear with steering wheel and steering transmission mechanism. Generally, passenger cars have power steering device.
4. Braking system
The braking system can slow down or stop the bus, and ensure that the driver can park the bus reliably after leaving the car. It includes front wheel brake, rear wheel brake, control device, transmission device and energy supply device.Common brake accessories include brake pads, brake discs, brake drums, etc.

This is the basic knowledge about chassis composition. We will introduce more bus knowledge to you in the future!
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