Elementary Introduction To Basic Knowledge Of Brake Pads II

Elementary Introduction To Basic Knowledge Of brake pads  II

In the previous issue, we talked about some basic knowledge of brake pads. In this issue, we will discuss how to identify brake pad problems through sound and how to replace brake pads.

  Classification of brake pad noise
   1、If it's a scream, the first thing to check is whether the brake pads are running out (the alarm pad sounds). If it is a new disc, check if there are any foreign objects trapped between the brake disc and pad.
   2、If it is a muffled noise, it is mostly a problem with the brake caliper, such as worn movable pins, detached spring plates, etc.
   3、 If it is a silk call, then there are more problems, such as problems with calipers, brake discs, and brake pads. If the sound is continuous, the first thing to check is whether there is a dragging brake. Poor resetting of the caliper can cause prolonged friction between the disc and the disc, and under certain conditions, it may produce abnormal sounds. Check again if there are any foreign objects stuck between the discs. If it is a new disc, it depends on whether the brake disc has grooves, as local friction can cause abnormal noise. If there are no issues with the brake discs, it is important to consider whether the brake pads are too hard or if the shock absorbers (mufflers) are improperly installed. If it only sounds when braking, it's mostly because the brake pads are too hard. Experts say that when braking, the caliper, brake disc, and brake pads all work together, and all three may produce abnormal noises. But often people attribute the problem to the brake pads.

    Principles for replacing brake pads
When replacing brake pads, it is best to use high-performance brake pads. Although their price is slightly higher than economical brake pads, their materials are much better, their service life is longer, and of course, their safety is much stronger. Therefore, temporary high-tech personnel will definitely earn more rewards.
Experts say that when replacing brake pads, it is necessary to use the same material as the old brake pads as much as possible. Of course, it would be better if the new brake pad material could be one level higher than the original material. When replacing brake pads with different materials, safety can only be ensured by following the following two principles.
1. Try not to use NAO materials to replace semi metallic brake pads.
2. NAO material can replace asbestos material brake pads.

   Hope everyone can choose the brake pads correctly to ensure driving safety. Zhengzhou Grabiz Trading Co., Ltd. provides various types of brake pads and will provide you with higher quality products and discounted prices. Welcome to choose and purchase!

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