Ankai N8 Assists In The Transformation And Upgrade Of Guizhou Tourism Industry

Ankai N8 Assists In The Transformation And Upgrade Of Guizhou Tourism Industry
     Against the backdrop of gradually improving overall environment and increasing demand, the tourism market is reshaping its former vitality and charm, and the "poetry and distance" stolen by the epidemic will quietly return. As a leading representative of high-end highway buses, Ankai Bus has timely launched a new generation of craftsmanship - Ankai N8 Bus, which adds new momentum to the recovery of the tourism market with advantages such as safety, comfort, and efficiency.

On June 9, 2023, vehicles with a fresh and elegant appearance, wearing red flowers and blooming "smiles", parked in the center of the Ankai factory area, are about to be delivered to Guizhou Zhanzhantong Tourism Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guizhou Zhanzhantong Company).At the delivery ceremony, Zhao Ideal, Assistant General Manager of Ankai Bus and General Manager of Domestic Marketing Company, delivered the new car keys to Yang Bin, Chairman of Guizhou Zhanzhantong Company. Ankai N8 will officially be put into operation in Guizhou, the "Forest City", and contribute Ankai's strength to the local high-quality tourism industry.

     With the comprehensive recovery of tourism, consumers are filled with a beautiful expectation of returning to normal in their lives. They hope to fully experience the world, explore distant places, and are more willing to pay for high-quality services. Guizhou Guest Travel also wants to take advantage of this trend to help deepen the integration of transportation and tourism, and create a high-level travel service of "tourism+transportation" for people.

     The delivery of Ankai's new product N8 to Guizhou Zhanzhantong Company will be used for comprehensive tourism centered around Guiyang, undoubtedly adding to the upgrade of Guizhou's transportation and tourism. As a passenger car that integrates high-end car manufacturing concepts, the aesthetic product N8 delivered this time adopts a "smile" style front face design on the exterior, coupled with dual lens LED eagle eye headlights, and a highly visually impactful star dot decorative panel. It is like a fairy wandering between mountains and rivers, perfectly fitting into the beautiful scenery of Zhongning, Guizhou.

     In Guizhou, which has always been known as "eight mountains, one water and one farmland", the Karst Plateau landform is very typical, making the local mountain roads rugged, steep terrain, and road conditions changing, bringing some challenges to tourism travel, which is also a transportation problem that Guizhou Railway Station and Station Communication Company urgently needs to solve. Ankai N8 has extremely high active and passive safety. The whole vehicle inherits the Karl Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke blood, adopts the fourth generation full bearing structure of Ankai, and the body skeleton is made of high-strength steel, matched with lightweight design+new materials, so as to protect passengers' travel.

     In addition, the N8 adopts a sedan like design layout, matched with a full LCD instrument panel, a large screen intelligent terminal, a multifunctional steering wheel, mini gear control, and an intelligent one click start system, helping drivers accurately control various functions of the vehicle. At the same time, equipped with intelligent functions such as ESC electronic stability control system, front collision warning and lane departure warning system, drivers can easily cope with complex road conditions and achieve free driving control.

     Beautiful China, beautiful rivers and mountains. In the post pandemic era of comprehensive recovery in the tourism industry, Ankai Bus will surely use advanced technology and excellent quality to assist in the high-quality development of the tourism industry.

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