Looking Back At The Stories Of Ankai Bus In 2023

Looking Back At The Stories Of Ankai Bus In 2023
     50 buses were sent to the Dominican Republic to help improve public transportation service levels; the first batch of 10 hydrogen fuel cell buses went on line in Hefei's first hydrogen bus line; a batch of high-end buses were delivered to Ningbo, Zhejiang, to participate in Spring Festival travel service guarantee... At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Anshan Good news about Kaibus spreads frequently. This is the epitome of Ankai Bus' business flourishing in the past year, and also lays the foundation for the company to write a new chapter in 2024.

In the transportation support for the National Two Sessions in 2023, Ankai Bus will serve with A9, A6 and other models. It is reported that A9 has participated in traffic support for the National Two Sessions for seven consecutive years since its launch in 2017. It is one of Ankai Bus's classic models. It adopts a unique full-bearing patented body and front collision protection structure, which can ensure the body strength and overall stress to the greatest extent. It is equipped with a gold power chain, which makes it more powerful and has better controllability. During the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in 2023, Ankai's service support team will dispatch three additional groups of senior technicians to the site for around-the-clock shifts to ensure 24-hour continuous response.
      At the much-anticipated Hangzhou Asian Games, Ankai Bus dispatched a number of high-end models such as A9, A8, N8, and A6 to pick up and drop off participating athletes, referees, volunteers, media, etc. in Hangzhou, Huzhou and other competition areas. Audience etc. Among them, N8 is a newly built high-end tourist bus by Ankai. It adopts a new front face and streamlined body, and is equipped with its fifth-generation internal environment fresh air purification system to create a comfortable travel environment.

While providing good products and services, Ankai Bus continues to consolidate its R&D and innovation capabilities and strives to enhance the brand's comprehensive competitiveness. After being selected as the "Hefei Digital Workshop" for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021, Ankai New Energy Bus Production Base was rated as a Hefei Smart Factory due to its outstanding performance in digital upgrade results and intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

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