Zhongtong Pure Electric Bus Launched In Benxi

Zhongtong Pure Electric Bus Launched In Benxi

     Recently, 45 Zhongtong pure electric buses were officially launched and put into operation in Benxi, Liaoning, helping Benxi's public transportation system to achieve the overall goal of 100% annual renewal of new energy and clean energy buses in the province, achieving full coverage of clean energy buses.

It is reported that the models delivered by Zhongtong Bus to Benxi this time are N12 and V6 pure electric city buses. As the latest generation of excellent public transportation products of Zhongtong Bus, N12 and V6 will bring a new travel experience to the citizens of Benxi in terms of humanized details, reliable performance, and intelligent guarantee. The N12 delivered to Benxi this time is mainly designed in Tianhu Blue, paired with technological black elements, fully showcasing the atmosphere of the times. This batch of vehicles adopts a low entrance design, with an accessible flip panel at the rear door and a wheelchair area in the carriage, making it convenient for the elderly and special groups to ride. Larger interior space and more convenient humanized design make it more comfortable for citizens to ride. The Zhongtong N12 is equipped with electronic rearview mirrors, high-definition cameras, and an active safety system, which can provide a 360 degree panoramic view, making it safer and more reliable. At the same time, the vehicle can achieve intelligent recognition of driver driving behavior, real-time alarm, and fully ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. Next, Zhongtong N12 will serve the 16 bus routes with the highest passenger flow in Benxi City, promoting the integration and service capacity improvement of inter regional public transportation in Benxi City, improving public transportation conditions for citizens, and increasing their happiness index in public transportation.
     In addition, the Zhongtong V6, aimed at markets such as branch transportation and short distance connections, will serve customized public transportation and narrow streets and alleys in Benxi City, connecting the urban microcirculation system of Benxi City, accurately matching the personalized travel needs of passengers, and providing more flexible travel choices for Benxi citizens.

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