BYD To Build A Large Production Base In Brazil And Build Three New Factories

BYD To Build A Large Production Base In Brazil And Build Three New Factories

     BYD and the government of the state of Bahia in Brazil have jointly announced that they will establish a large production base complex consisting of three factories in the city of Camari, with a total investment of 3 billion reais (approximately 4.5 billion yuan), which will further promote BYD's globalization process.

The BYD Brazil production base complex will consist of three factories, namely a production factory specializing in electric passenger cars and truck chassis, a new energy passenger vehicle production factory, and a processing factory specializing in lithium iron phosphate battery materials. Among them, the production line of new energy passenger vehicles covers pure electric and plug-in hybrid models, with a planned annual production capacity of 150000 vehicles. The lithium iron phosphate battery material processing factory will fully utilize local port resources to meet the growing demand for new energy products in the global market.
Ms. Li Ke, Executive Vice President of BYD Corporation and President of BYD Americas, said, "Building a large-scale production base complex in Brazil is an important milestone for BYD's development in the American market. This will help accelerate the popularization of new energy vehicles in the local area and play a huge driving role in addressing global climate change and improving people's quality of life.

     The BYD Brazil production base complex is planned to be put into operation in the second half of 2024, and is expected to create over 5000 job opportunities in the local area. Mr. Li Tie, General Manager of BYD Brazil Branch, said, "Enterprises should create value and give back to society. We will form a localized production team, carry out a series of training activities, enhance employees' professional and technical abilities, and contribute to the local economic and social development.
     With the construction and operation of BYD's Brazilian production base complex, BYD will continue to deepen its global layout and actively promote the global new energy industry towards sustainable and high-quality development with the advantages of the entire industry chain.
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