Meeting Yunnan, Yuchai Engine Assists Yunnan Bus Tourism

Meeting Yunnan, Yuchai Engine Assists Yunnan Bus Tourism

     On June 20th, the 2023 Yuchai Machine Tourism Bus Power Product Appreciation Conference, with the theme of "Colorful Yunnan Xindong Yuchai", was grandly held in Kunming, Yunnan. Leaders from the Yunnan Tourism Association, industry elites, and representatives of Yunnan tourism travel enterprises gathered together to discuss the development opportunities and paths of tourism travel.
     As an important member of the tourism and travel industry, Yuchai has helped Yunnan tourism and travel enterprises accelerate towards "popularity" with a "product+service" solution, continuously delivering more excellent development results.
As the number one brand of passenger car power in China, Yuchai has always contributed to the upgrading of tourism passenger transportation. Su Binghua, Commercial Vehicle Power Marketing Director of Yuchai Group, stated at the meeting: The industry has entered a new development track, and the entire industry is actively embracing change and seeking transformation and upgrading. Yuchai is also keeping up with the trend of the times, actively adding power to the integration of transportation and tourism, developing a new platform, and creating a high-end power customization platform for S/K/Y three major countries and six products, as well as a series of 10 models, suitable for 5-12 meters of road buses, becoming the preferred power configuration for mainstream domestic bus manufacturers. Yuchai Guoliu products are reliable and durable The 12 meter tourist bus equipped with YCK09 can save customers about 11000 yuan in fuel costs per year due to its quiet, comfortable, responsive, and economical features; The 11 meter tourist car equipped with YCK08 has a fuel consumption of 20-22 liters per 100 kilometers, which is economical, fuel-efficient, and has low operating costs; The 9-meter tourist car equipped with YCS06 has a fuel consumption of only 18-20 liters per 100 kilometers, and is characterized by low vibration and low noise.


    As of May 2023, the cumulative sales of Yuchai Guoliu passenger car power products have exceeded 60000 units, which have been widely used in tourism markets such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Beijing, Hunan, Zhejiang, etc. It is also reported that in addition to further consolidating the advantages of traditional power, Yuchai has also achieved rapid growth in the field of new energy power. Yuchai Xinlan new energy power, such as E-CVT plug-in hybrid power, IE Power electric drive stepless speed change Powertrain, electric drive axle, Range extender, is also widely used, covering the diversified power demand of 5~12m buses, and widely used in Macao, Wuhan, Nanning and other regional cities. The 600 additional new energy buses used in public transportation in Macao can save customers 8500 tons of fuel every year, save more than 150 million Macanese pataca in total fuel cost, and reduce about 26300 tons of carbon emissions.

    In the future, Yuchai will be more in line with the market, striving to meet social benefits while balancing users' pursuit of economic benefits. It will enhance user experience from various aspects such as high comfort, high economy, and strong motivation, and create more value for customers.

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