Golden Dragon Autonomous Minibus Takes Tourists To The Universiade

Golden Dragon Autonomous Minibus Takes Tourists To The Universiade

The 31st Summer Universiade, which has attracted worldwide attention, is about to kick off after a two-year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic and returns dressed up in this hot July. The storm of this youth competition has attracted the attention of global news media. In CCTV's news tracking report, two new generation autonomous buses "Chi Rui" from Golden Dragon have officially launched in Chengdu Universiade Village, providing commuting services for athletes and conference organizers, becoming a beautiful scenic spot for the Universiade.

Two "Chi Rui" autonomous buses serving the Universiade
     "Technology empowerment" is an important concept of the Chengdu Universiade, and technological elements have become a shining label of each Universiade. A large number of intelligent service products such as autonomous driving buses, intelligent translation intercom systems, intelligent coffee robots, and intelligent snack machines have made athletes, guests, and audiences from around the world feel the charm of technology.
This is the first time in the history of the Universiade that autonomous driving services have been adopted. Two "Chi Rui" autonomous minibuses have been launched in the Chengdu Universiade Village. One provides shuttle services for athletes, and the other serves as a high-tech "exhibition hall" to showcase autonomous driving technology to the public. It not only improves the travel efficiency of the Universiade Village, achieves energy conservation and emission reduction, but also showcases the charm of the technology Universiade.


Golden Dragon "Chi Rui" runs on the road in Dayun Village
     The reason why Golden Dragon "Chirui" can undertake shuttle commuting services and showcase China's "smart manufacturing" style in such a major event is due to its industry-leading technological skills. Since its entry into the field of automatic driving in 2012, Golden Dragon Bus has always adhered to independent research and development of key technologies, focusing on common core technologies such as automatic driving, Vehicle-to-everything, intelligent network connected cloud platform, and intelligent electric bus. The integrated technology of electric chassis by wire is at the leading level in China. In September 2022, the "Chi Rui" was mass-produced and put into production. The entire vehicle adopts green and environmentally friendly pure electric drive, with a range of up to 360 kilometers. The wire controlled chassis adopts a dual redundancy design, with control reaching millisecond level and lateral control accuracy of 0.1 degrees. It integrates GNSS, SLAM, and feature localization technology to achieve centimeter level high-precision localization.Both vehicles serving the Universiade are equipped with a full stack software and hardware solution of Mushroom Car Link, equipped with 8 solid-state LiDARs and multiple types of sensors as standard. The sensing range is 200 meters, and it can achieve a 360 degree blind spot. It can recognize extremely small obstacles of 15 centimeters, with a response time of 0.1 seconds, and can safely and efficiently handle various complex urban traffic conditions, meeting the requirements of urban open roads L4 level autonomous driving operation services for multiple scenarios such as closed or semi closed parks.

     The Chengdu Universiade is approaching, and the use of the
Golden Dragon autonomous minibus "Chi Rui" will make the Chengdu Universiade more low-carbon and environmentally friendly. With its technological appearance and comfortable driving experience, it is believed that with the popularity of the Universiade, the "Chi Rui" will become a popular new generation of autonomous driving buses on the internet.
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