Do You Really Know The Oil Filter Of Bus?

Do You Really Know The Oil Filter Of Bus?
1.Function of oil filter
 The function of oil filter is to filter metal debris, combustion residues, such as soot, dirt (which may enter the hydraulic system with friction) or solid particles formed in the oil due to aging, reduce the wear of parts, keep the oil clean, and extend the service life of the engine.

2.Classification of oil filter 
The existing oil filter element can be divided into two types according to its appearance.
        Iron Shell Oil filter

This oli filter includes: upper and lower covers, bypass valve, check valve, paper filter element, central filter screen, sealing ring, etc.
When replacing the filter element, directly unscrew it according to the appropriate torque, and replace it with a new filter element. There is no additional oil filter element housing.
      Paper Oil Filter

The paper filter element consists of: filter paper, plastic upper and lower covers (some of them), sealant, loop, etc
This filter element needs a special filter element holder to place
In fact, the functions of the two oil filter are basically the same. The paper filter element plays a filtering role. As long as the filtering effect of the filter paper and the overall compression effect are guaranteed, it can be said that it is a qualified oil filter element. According to the different vehicle models, these two types of filter elements are used in the market.

3.Raplacement Cycle
It is recommended to replace the oil filter with the oil every time. The replacement cycle varies according to the model and model. You can refer to the vehicle's user manual for daily maintenance. It is recommended not to exceed 10% of the specified replacement mileage.
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