Industry's First 7.5-Meter Low-entry Electric Zhongtong V7 Bus

Industry's First 7.5-Meter Low-entry Electric Zhongtong V7 Bus
     With the rise of diversified travel modes, passengers are "diverted", and the trend of "large to small" in the bus industry is obvious; But on the other hand, solving the problems of traffic congestion and air pollution has created a broader market and a higher upper limit for buses.

     In order to cope with the increasingly diversified passenger transport scenarios, the Zhongtong V7 Bus is born according to the times. With its flexible shape, light and flexible product features, it can easily shuttle back streets and alleys, new towns and new areas, and can easily connect the subway and communities, providing users with a more comprehensive choice of vehicles.

  Zhongtong Bus 
assesses the situation and aims to build a more applicable bus. Zhongtong V7 Bus has strong endurance, large carrying capacity, flexible steering, and can be driven on narrow roads and alleys. The application scenario has been comprehensively improved. The mileage of Zhongtong V7 bus has been upgraded to 300km, which can meet the one-day operation requirements of the bus company. The whole vehicle is 7.5 meters long and can carry up to 47 passengers, with a maximum of 18 seats.
It is worth mentioning that the
Zhongtong V7 Bus adopts a low entrance design, with a step height of 340mm. Through the optional body lifting system, it can realize the body roll function, reaching a step height of 270mm, and it is more convenient for the elderly, the disabled and children to get on and off. According to the market demand, Zhongtong V7 bus can not only easily control the daily turnover of urban and inter-county public transport loops, but also meet the needs of community micro-circulation subjects such as community travel, campus connection, and contribute to the wisdom of Zhongtong V7 bus for more travel scenarios.

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