The New Product H11 Of Zhongtong Travel Group Bus Has Been Officially Released

The New Product H11 Of Zhongtong Travel Group Bus Has Been Officially Released
     As an important member of the tourism travel industry, Zhongtong Bus has always been committed to providing beautiful travel solutions for tourism passenger transportation. During the conference, the new product H11 of Zhongtong Travel Group Bus was officially launched. As a new member of the H product platform that has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of economy, convenience, and intelligence, Zhongtong H11 will bring new solutions for industry transformation and upgrading.
     The Zhongtong H11 inherits the genes of high safety, high reliability, and high comfort of the Zhongtong Bus H series products, and aims to upgrade the performance of various products for application scenarios such as group buses, tourism passenger transportation, and intercity buses, meeting the new needs of industry transformation and development. As a medium to long-distance tourism passenger transportation product, the verification of product reliability is also the key to its official market entry and recognition. During the research and development process, Zhongtong H11 has passed reliability testing verification in three dimensions: high temperature, plateau, and high cold, with a total of more than 30000 kilometers, ensuring the stability and reliability of H11 products. At the same time, Zhongtong Bus has comprehensively optimized the power, NVH performance, energy consumption, and other aspects of H11. In terms of power, the Zhongtong H11 adopts Weichai's new generation of high thermal efficiency WP7H engine, which has low speed and high torque, sufficient power, and is not afraid of complex road conditions such as long slopes, mud, and mountain roads; In terms of NVH, the series of NVH performance optimizations and improvements, supplemented by low-noise axles, provide passengers with a quiet riding experience; In terms of energy consumption optimization, through lightweight design and efficient matching of transmission systems, the overall fuel consumption of the vehicle is significantly lower than that of competitors, resulting in more efficient fuel savings. To empower intelligent operations, Zhongtong Bus has developed a vehicle data management system called "Vehicle Manager" based on the operational and management needs of H11. The vehicle manager consists of two main parts: onboard data terminal and data management software, which can achieve vehicle CAN data diversion management, vehicle data interaction, and can also achieve functions such as data download, data decryption, data analysis, vehicle fault diagnosis, maintenance and repair, scheme query, and vehicle management. Nowadays, quality travel is also reflected in the higher demand for healthy environmental spaces. The Zhongtong H11 is based on the accumulation of 5A level healthy cabin technology in Zhongtong Group Bus. In terms of fresh air, antibacterial and mold resistant, and healthy material selection, it comprehensively ensures the safety, health, and comfort of passenger travel, and does not disappoint the beautiful travel expectations of passengers. The listing of H11 provides a solution for the quality transformation of the tourism industry.
     In the future, Zhongtong Bus will continue to build a full scenario solution for group passenger transportation, contributing more "Zhongtong Intelligence" to the transformation and development of the road transportation industry in the new era.
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