Make an appearance! Blaze the entire venue! Kinglong M Series Tour Begins a New Chapter

Make an appearance! Blaze the entire venue! Kinglong M Series Tour Begins a New Chapter
  "Coming for Beauty" - The 2024 Kinglong M Series Bus National Tour is in full swing. After passing through Guangdong, Chongqing, and Fujian provinces (cities, districts), the tour has arrived in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. This exhibition showcases two models, including the previously highly acclaimed "Old Friend" M8 and the short rear suspension product M7 from the M series.

  At the exhibition site, the excellent quality demonstrated by M8 has received enthusiastic responses and high praise from customers as always. At the same time, there was a continuous stream of customers inquiring about the M7 on-site. Through the zero distance experience, customers gained a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the performance and quality of the M7, and praised its comfort, safety, and economy. With its high appearance and strong product strength, the M series products have successfully won a large number of orders.

Urban public transportation, as an important infrastructure of the city, has a profound impact on the quality of life and happiness of the people. In the context of "dual carbon", facing the constantly changing travel needs of the public, public transportation enterprises need to transform to achieve sustainable development and promote better benefits of transportation development to people's livelihoods. In response to this, Jinlong is undergoing a transformation on the product side, launching the Jinlong M7 to assist in the transformation of customer operations. This model fully caters to the trend of "big to small" changes in public transportation, integrating advantages such as large space, high energy efficiency, and high safety, and can meet the needs of various travel scenarios such as urban branch lines, urban-rural routes, and aging friendly travel.

  In terms of space, the M7 has a length of 7 meters, but its carrying capacity is comparable to that of an 8-meter class bus, with a maximum passenger capacity of 58 people, thanks to its 4050mm ultra long wheelbase and 8.1 square meters of low floor area. The M7 adopts a low floor structure design with zero steps in the standing area, which not only comprehensively improves the safety of getting on and off, provides passengers with a more comfortable riding experience, but also improves operational efficiency and helps customers achieve higher economic benefits.

  In terms of energy efficiency, the M7 has a lightweight design for the entire vehicle, with the powertrain integrated with the drive motor and rear axle, which can reduce system weight by more than 20%. The curb weight of the entire vehicle is reduced by more than 350kg compared to the previous generation model; At the same time, the M7 uses cylindrical gears, which can improve the reverse braking ability of the gears by 60% to 100% compared to the bevel gears used in traditional gear systems. This not only enhances the vehicle's endurance, but also reduces customer operating costs.

  In terms of safety and intelligence, the M7 comes standard with the Longyi Vehicle Networking Technology Platform, which has advantages such as high efficiency, energy conservation, intelligent safety, and intelligent vehicle management. It helps to upgrade the management of "people, vehicles, and lines" and provides customers with more effective overall solutions.

  Keep going and never stop, the future is promising. The Jinlong M series bus models will continue to be exhibited throughout the country, actively engaging in communication and discussion with customers, listening to market and customer needs, and continuously promoting product technological innovation and service upgrades on this basis. I believe that the Jinlong M series will become a vivid example for Jinlong and its customers to develop new quality productivity, promote the healthy and sustainable development of urban public transportation, and empower the transportation industry to enter a new chapter of high-quality development.

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