Employees of Kinglong Bus Painting Production Line

Employees of Kinglong Bus Painting Production Line
  Li, Born into a peasant family, have worked as a colorist for handicrafts and learned some color matching techniques. In 2004, he was introduced by his classmates to Xiamen Kinglong United Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. and became a painter.

  At first, Li knew nothing about painting. In order to improve his basic skills such as polishing, scraping, and painting, he spent several months practicing scraping atomic ash on a surface without fixing agents, until he achieved a smooth and even surface after scraping; Practice how to smoothly move the spray gun and control the spraying angle and intensity to achieve the desired smoothness and brightness of the paint surface. It usually takes six years for an apprentice to master all the painting processes, but due to his diligent study and practice, he only took three years to achieve it.

  This year, due to the recovery of the tourism market, orders for tourist buses have significantly increased, and Li's workshop has also become busy. At its busiest times, the daily working hours can reach more than ten hours.

  At the same time, one of the painting processes is baking, which can reach a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, and is both stuffy and hot. His clothes often get soaked, but he never tires out. He works hard to make money to improve the living conditions of his family, so that his children no longer have to do such hard work, which is his greatest motivation for work.

  Learning is endless, and Li is always not satisfied with the technology he has mastered. He yearns for breakthroughs and innovation, so he delves into the problem of spray painting and overcomes problems such as metal paint touch up, paint color difference, and blackening of the joints; Researching the most difficult paint repair process in the painting process of passenger cars (i.e. partial paint repair), the finished product he handled has been evaluated as zero color difference by a colorimeter.

  In addition, he also ensures that paint spraying is not affected or color difference is caused by changes in day and night light. In fact, at night, influenced by the color temperature of the lighting itself, it is difficult for the painter to control the color of the paint surface solely with the naked eye. However, this is not difficult for Li. Long term practice has given him rich experience and formed muscle memory, and the final accurate paint color is the best evidence.

  Li took part in a number of provincial and municipal skill competitions with the heart to train himself and improve his skills. In 2014, he was awarded the title of "Technical Expert" in the 19th Xiamen Staff Technical Competition Auto Manufacturing Industry Project Competition. In 2015, he was rated as a senior painting technician. In 2016, he was awarded the title of "May Day Labor Medal" in Fujian Province, in 2018, he was awarded the title of model worker in Fujian Province, and in 2024, he was awarded the national "May Day" Labor Medal.

  Kinglong's products are exported to many countries overseas, including Thailand and Saudi Arabia. The entire vehicle's paint surface needs to go through six levels: manufacturing inspection, final inspection, re inspection, warehouse inspection, overseas PDI inspection, and overseas customer final inspection, which is far higher than the domestic painting operation standards. In addition, different customers have different painting requirements for their car models, so how to successfully deliver the passenger car has become the most challenging thing in his eyes. "This not only tests my technical ability, but also my patience and attention to detail," he said. Once, faced with an order from Chile for the "Chameleon" bus, the variety of colors and layers required meant that painting was difficult and also made him feel tricky. But he overcame difficulties, used up all he had learned, patiently studied color matching and spraying techniques, and finally successfully delivered. "Looking at the bus that has been completed by his own craftsmanship, that sense of pride instantly turns all the hard work into satisfaction," he said, feeling that painting is not only a technical task, but also a space for artistic creation.


  As the quality team leader of the painting production line, he guided new employees without reservation. Faced with the urgent delivery deadline, he also worked hard with his colleagues. Although the painting work is not easy, dirty and tiring, he still encourages new employees to study the technology seriously and pay attention to every detail.

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