121 Chinese-Made Electric Buses Shine in Africa

121 Chinese-Made Electric Buses Shine in Africa
  In May 2024, the Dakar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, participated in by CR Electric, officially commenced commercial passenger operations in Senegal. As the first dedicated BRT line in Africa to exclusively use pure electric buses, all the bus models employed are 18-meter articulated pure electric buses developed and produced by CR Electric. With the help of Chinese pure electric buses, Dakar's traditional public transport industry is moving towards low-carbon development.
  Currently, all 121 buses are in operation. This model was developed by CR Electric specifically for the Dakar BRT project, with the body and systems having high corrosion resistance to meet the harsh local conditions of dust (sand) and salt (coastal). The bus has a maximum seating capacity of 55 and can carry up to 150 passengers, which is 1.5 to 2 times the capacity of a regular bus. The vehicle's life cycle ensures a range of no less than 250km, with dual-winding direct drive power for efficient energy saving。
Africans already accustomed to using Chinese-made mobile phones and home appliances are now choosing to ride more Chinese-made buses as their urban transportation. "The Chinese buses are really great!" is the most common phrase heard from local bus technicians, station staff, and passengers since CR Electric buses entered Dakar more than six months ago. The stylish appearance and robust quality of the CR Electric buses have won the favor of African users and passengers. Currently, the daily average passenger flow reaches 3 million, mostly commuters, students, shoppers, and tourists.
  The local technical director of the bus system said that CR Electric's excellent control assembly and three-electric technology have provided Senegal with high-quality buses that can operate reliably. Additionally, he noted that in complex traffic areas, the braking system of the CR Electric buses performs very stably, and the thoughtful design of the internal air conditioning system has made passengers very satisfied. Moreover, the daily maintenance and repair costs are not high.
  Now, with the Dakar BRT system officially in operation, it not only supports Senegal's low-carbon transportation development but also serves as a model for other African countries.
  While CR Electric's new energy buses are achieving product, technology, standard, and service collaboration on the international stage, they are also winning the trust of an increasing number of global customers. Data shows that CR Electric's new energy buses have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including France, South Korea, New Zealand, Brazil, and Malaysia.
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