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China's First Batch Unique In The Industry Suzhou Kinglong Supercharged Pure Electric Bus Is Officially Put Into Operation In Zhangjiagang
China's transportation industry takes a green leap with Suzhou Kinglong's first-ever supercharged pure electric buses now in operation in Zhangjiagang, setting a new standard for eco-friendly urban transit.
The 2024 Kazakhstan International Auto Parts and After sales Service Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion
The 2024 Kazakhstan International Auto Parts and After-sales Service Exhibition concluded successfully at Astana's EXPO Center, showcasing innovations and fostering industry collaboration for a brighter automotive future.
Shifting Gears: Bus Manufacturers Embrace Electric Powertrains for Cleaner, Quieter Transportation
With governments and transit agencies increasingly prioritizing electrification initiatives, bus manufacturers are investing heavily in the research and development of advanced electric gearbox technology.
Harnessing the Power of Hydrogen: Advancements in Fuel Cell Technology Revolutionize Bus Engines
In a remarkable fusion of science and engineering, researchers have unlocked the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology to revolutionize bus engines
Breakthrough in Bus Engine Efficiency: Researchers Develop Ultra-Low Emission Engine Technology
In a significant breakthrough for the transportation industry, researchers have announced the development of a next-generation bus engine technology capable of dramatically reducing emissions while enhancing fuel efficiency.
Golden Dragon Bus Partners With Local Authorities to Launch Electric Bus Fleet, Promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility
Golden Dragon Bus has joined forces with local authorities to introduce a fleet of electric buses as part of a comprehensive initiative to promote sustainable urban mobility.
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