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2024Beijing bus exhibition
2024 Beijing Commercial Vehicle Exhibition and Road Transport Vehicle Exhibition
Dive into the 2024 Beijing Commercial Vehicle Exhibition showcasing cutting-edge green and smart transportation technologies. Experience the fusion of innovation with new energy vehicles, intelligent systems, and eco-friendly solutions driving the future of road transport.
Bus Painting
Employees of Kinglong Bus Painting Production Line
Discover the inspiring journey of Li, a master painter at Kinglong, who transformed from a novice to a technical expert through dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. Learn how his innovative approach to paint repair and attention to detail have set new standards in the automotive industry.
The offline ceremony of Foton Ouhui's new product BJ6859 series pure electric city buses was held in Changping, Beijing
Foton Ouhui's new BJ6859 series pure electric city buses mark a significant advancement in green transportation. Tailored for the evolving urban-rural transport landscape, these buses offer a robust solution for passenger, freight, and postal services. With a focus on energy efficiency, safety, and intelligent design, the BJ6859 series is set to enhance the 'last mile' connectivity, supporting rural revitalization and sustainable development goals.
Bus slimming optimizes resource allocation, and Ankai Bus accurately controls travel trends!
Ankai Bus leads the 'bus slimming' revolution, introducing compact, eco-friendly buses that meet modern urban transportation demands. From the 'last mile' to urban-rural integration, Ankai's refined product system offers tailored solutions for efficient, green travel. Join the transformation towards smarter, more connected cities with our advanced bus accessories and services.
Make an appearance! Blaze the entire venue! Kinglong M Series Tour Begins a New Chapter
The Kinglong M series bus national tour is in full swing, showcasing the future of urban public transportation. The M7 and M8 models have been highly praised by customers for their energy-saving, comfortable, and safe design. Understand how Kinglong improves the quality of life for residents and promotes sustainable development through innovative public transportation solutions.
Golden Dragon Buses and Indonesian Partners Build a Dream of Green Travel Together
Golden Dragon Buses is forging a green travel future in Indonesia, the Southeast Asia's largest market, in partnership with SAG. Benefiting from the Indonesian government's infrastructure expansion, Golden Dragon has achieved over 30% market share with its pure electric buses. The collaboration enhances public transport and strengthens China-Indonesia trade ties. With a commitment to innovation and local industry cooperation, Golden Dragon aims to elevate the global presence of Chinese manufacturing in the transport sector.
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