Six Steps to Correct Maintenance of Bus Air Conditioning

Six Steps to Correct Maintenance of Bus Air Conditioning

      Proper maintenance of car air conditioning can improve the service life of the air conditioning system and maintain its good working condition, especially in summer. The maintenance and upkeep of the air conditioning system has become something that drivers should master.

      1. Check if the compressor belt is in good condition. If the surface of the belt is in contact with the side of the pulley groove and there is a "squeaking" noise when starting the air conditioning, it indicates that the belt is slipping seriously and the belt and pulley should be replaced; If the belt is too loose, it should be adjusted, otherwise it may cause poor cooling of the air conditioning system.

      2. Check the air conditioning system hoses and fittings for oil stains. If leakage is found, it is necessary to consult the maintenance department for a solution in a timely manner.

      3. Regularly clean the condenser. Some car owners often use water pipes to flush the condenser when using air conditioning in summer, which is very correct. Because the cleaning of the surface of the car condenser facilitates the dissipation of heat energy to the outside world, regular cleaning of the condenser surface can greatly improve the cooling effect of the air conditioning system.

      4. Regularly check whether the liquid level of the refrigerant in the air conditioning system is normal. There are several methods to check the liquid level height, but the most common and simplest method is to use the peephole (observation window) of the dryer to check. The glass peephole is usually installed on the cover of the dryer, running the engine and air conditioning system. Through the glass peephole, the flow of refrigerant can be observed. If the air conditioning unit is working properly, clear refrigerant should be seen continuously flowing through the peephole, and small bubbles may occasionally be entrained during high temperatures. When the air conditioning system is turned off, small bubbles can be seen.

      5. Check if the refrigerant is sufficient. It can be estimated by sensing the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet pipelines of the dryer, or detected by a manifold pressure gauge.

      6. Regularly clean the dust and dirt in the air outlet and cab. This not only contributes to the aesthetics of the car, but also benefits the physical health of the driver and passengers.

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