How To Change The Engine Oil Correctly

How To Change The Engine Oil Correctly


      Due to the influence of high fuel combustion temperature and the catalytic action of various media and metals during engine operation, lubricating oil gradually deteriorates, produces carbon deposits, and sludge, which are harmful to the engine. They are produced in different parts of the engine, gradually depositing the oil circuit, causing friction on metal surfaces, resulting in poor lubrication and accelerated wear, constantly endangering the normal use of the engine.
Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of vehicle use, in addition to correctly selecting lubricating oil products, it is also necessary to master certain knowledge of engine oil change and cleaning. For new or newly replaced engine vehicles, due to their short driving distance and good vehicle condition, it is only necessary to do the following:

      1. Choose engine oil with appropriate quality and viscosity levels.
      2. It is best to change the oil immediately after driving a certain distance, or to start the engine and run it for a few minutes before changing the oil, so that the lubricating oil circulates evenly inside the engine, making it easy to remove various deposits together.
      3. Open the oil drain port located at the bottom of the engine and place all the oil in a prepared container (the oil is hot, be careful not to burn). Do not immediately close the oil drain port. Leave it empty for an appropriate period of time to ensure that the residual oil in the engine completely flows out.
      4. Observe the condition of the oil flowing out. If there is a foul odor, very viscous, or layering phenomenon, the oil change interval should be shortened. If there is a strong fuel odor, it indicates that the engine combustion chamber is not well sealed, and it is recommended to repair it.
      5. Tighten the oil drain bolts and replace the engine oil filter.
      6. Clean the dust around the oil filler on the top of the engine, open the filler, add fresh engine oil to the upper limit of the oil dipstick, close the filler, start the engine, idle for a few minutes, and stop.
      7. Check the oil dipstick, replenish the oil to the upper limit of the dipstick, close the oil filling port, and the oil change is completed.
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