Zhongtong Bus Protects Children's Day Safety

Zhongtong Bus Protects Children's Day Safety

     Children's Day is the most anticipated holiday for children, where they can enjoy more attention and beloved gifts. As a great companion for children on their way to school, Zhongtong School Bus, built with responsibility and care, is the best gift given to them as a "safe castle".

     With responsibility and mission in mind, Zhongtong Bus has never stopped exploring school bus products. From demand exploration to operational support, from exterior design to interior material selection, from intelligent assembly to platform monitoring, safety concepts are firmly embedded in every aspect, building a solid "safety castle" for children.The Zhongtong school bus adopts a rigid enclosed ring body framework, high-strength anti-collision beams, and collision buffering energy absorption structure design to build a sturdy barrier. Design special seats for children of different age groups, install fully softened protective barriers, and use green and environmentally friendly flame retardant materials to create a healthy riding space.The Zhongtong school bus is equipped with multiple safety protection systems such as children's forgetfulness prevention and passenger door safety door reminder, serving as a personal "safety butler" for children. The equipped smart school bus platform has functions such as dynamic real-time monitoring and vehicle status information push, achieving multi-party linkage monitoring among schools, parents, and operators, bringing 360 degree comprehensive protection.

     On the way to school, you are responsible for rushing forward, and the Zhongtong school bus is responsible for accompanying you to grow with peace of mind.
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