How Much Do You Know About Maintenance Bus Axle?

How Much Do You Know About Maintenance Bus Axle?
1. Frequently clean the dirt and dust on the bus rear axle housing breather plug.
2. Check the oil filler plug and drain plug frequently. If oil leakage is found, tighten it in time or replace the sealing gasket.
3. During each first-level maintenance, check the fastening of the halfshaft bolt. If it is loose, it will cause the halfshaft bolt to break. Therefore, retighten the halfshaft bolt as required.
4. During secondary maintenance, the hub should be removed, the inner cavity of the hub and the hub bearing should be cleaned, and then the cavity between the bearing inner race, roller and cage should be filled with new grease. Finally, reassemble and adjust the tightness of hub bearing as required. During assembly, pay attention to check the thread of the fastening nut between the axle sleeve and the hub bearing. If there is a slip or serious bruise that affects the tightening of the nut, repair or replace it.
5. During secondary maintenance, check and supplement the lubricating oil in the rear axle housing. Clean the breather plug.
6. The main reducer shall be removed and the differential bearing cap nuts and differential housing nuts shall be fastened every 1500km or secondary maintenance; Take down the transmission shaft, tighten the driving bevel gear collar nut, and replace the lubricating oil.
7. During the three-level maintenance, the parts shall be disassembled for inspection and maintenance as described in this chapter. After the rear-axle assembly is reassembled, new lubricating oil and grease must be added and running-in driving must be carried out. The grease for rear axle is No. 2 lithium grease.
8. Every 2000km, fill the grease fittings with 2 lithium grease and clean the breather plug; Check the fastening of the axle shaft bolts, check the brake clearance, and replenish the gear oil.
9. Every 6000-8000km, check the fastening of the brake base plate, the looseness of the hub bearing, and the wear of the brake friction plate. If the wear of the friction plate exceeds the limit pit on the friction plate, the friction plate must be replaced immediately. Check whether the lubricating grease at the hub bearing deteriorates or dissolves. If any, replace it.

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