How To Select A Safe & Regular School Bus?

How To Select A Safe & Regular School Bus?
     1.Whether the width of the school bus purchased is appropriate to the width of the road it passes through. For township schools, the road is narrow, so it is very important to select the school bus with appropriate width. Whether there is an isolation pier (generally, the width limit of the isolation pier can pass through vehicles with a width of less than 2 meters), because your car can not enter, and others can enter, means that you will lose the source of students in the place.
     2.It is not advisable to buy a school bus that is too large, otherwise it will affect the driving time of the school bus on the road due to its large size and poor passing ability, resulting in slow driving process, affecting parents' pickup and drop off, and the driver will also exceed the speed limit in order to gain time, which will increase safety risks.
     3.When purchasing a diesel school bus, you should choose a brand with mature diesel engine technology rather than a low-priced diesel engine, otherwise it is easy to cause problems and potential safety hazards. When selecting gasoline school bus, attention should be paid to selecting the latest national standard gasoline school bus in response to national policies.
    4.When purchasing
school bus, we should also identify good brands, because only good brands can provide perfect after-sales service. We should avoid buying second-hand school bus, because many second-hand school buses are refurbished or reassembled, which has great safety risks.

5.There is also the cost of investment and use. As we use school bus,we don't need to be too luxurious. We only need to meet the national school bus standards (if we can obtain the school bus certificate issued by the state, it is recognized by the state to meet the school bus standards). The cost of use and maintenance is less than $4600/year.
     Chinese school bus
 have reached the advanced level in China.For example, Zhongtong, Higer, Kinglong,Golden Dragon school bus have high technical content, complete safety, and national patents on many technologies. The technologies such as fully loaded body, front front drive technology, sedan chair four-wheel independent suspension, front disc and rear drum brake, and intelligent circuit of the whole vehicle are all front end in the field of school bus.

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