How Does The Bus Market Go In 2023?

How does the bus market go in 2023?
     For the just past 2022, experts said that under the influence of multiple adverse factors, the development situation of the passenger car market was not ideal, and the overall sales volume showed a significant decline. In 2022, the 40 enterprises focused on by China Bus Statistics and Information Network sold 128138 buses more than 5 meters in total, a year-on-year decrease of 17.42%, including 39.02% for seats, 46.01% for school buses, 20.89% for buses and 8.77% for other buses.

     However, there are still many positive factors in the passenger car industry in 2022. First of all, there was no "crash" in the industry, and the overall "spirit and spirit" were very good, and a consensus was formed on the improvement of the future situation. Although the COVID-19 continued to recur this year, the industry did not "lie flat", but rose to the challenge and took the initiative.
In 2023, we are optimistic about the recovery of the industry, and five major areas deserve attention
     Experts hold a positive attitude towards the bus market in 2023. In 2023, the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic will become a "past time". In the post epidemic era, with the guidance and strong support of relevant national policies, the bus industry will recover.

     Specifically, there are five areas that deserve attention. First, with the change of transportation mode, especially the change of online car rental, passenger transport costs will be significantly reduced. Second, the recovery of the tourism market will drive the recovery of tourist buses. Third, long-distance passenger transport is worth looking forward to. Fourth, the demand for rural buses will increase. Fifthly, there will be gains in cutting-edge technology fields such as automatic driving and hydrogen fuel cell buses.
     In the future, China Bus will usher in a better tomorrow!

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