Daily Maintenance Of Bus Turbocharger

Daily Maintenance Of Bus Turbocharger

● Check whether the air filter is blocked.

● Check whether the pipeline and connector between the air filter supercharger compressor inlet are intact.
● Check whether the clamps or other connecting screws at the connection between the supercharger and the engine intake and exhaust pipe are loose.
● Check whether there is lubricating oil leakage at the connection of the supercharger housing, if any, find out the cause and eliminate it.
● Check whether the lubricating oil inlet and outlet pipelines are damaged or throttled.
● Check whether the supercharger shell is overheated, discolored, cracked or damaged, and replace it in time if any.
● When the supercharger has abnormal noise, it can never be used again. It should be stopped for inspection to eliminate the abnormal noise.
● Only use the engine oil recommended by the engine manufacturer (CDl5W/above grade 40).
● Only use the engine oil filter recommended by the engine manufacturer; Only use the air filter recommended by the engine manufacturer.
● Do not use silicone on the oil inlet gasket; Do not adjust and set the vent valve at will.
● Replace the oil/air filter regularly (generally 8000 km).
● Check the turbocharger clearance regularly (8000 km). When the axial clearance is greater than 0.15mm and the radial clearance is less than 0.1mm, the vehicle must be stopped and checked by professionals.
● The supercharger that has not been used for a long time (more than 7 days) must be removed and filled with oil at the oil inlet before use.
● Strictly comply with the above requirements for use and maintenance, and clean the engine or oil pan according to the following methods before installing the supercharger, which can improve the service life of the supercharger.

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