Test site of Zhongtong Bus H9 In High Cold Area

Test site of Zhongtong Bus H9 In High Cold Area

     Reliable quality cannot be separated from the rigor of every experiment! The new generation of Zhongtong Group Bus H9 has undergone multiple tests and forged solid quality. Today, H9 takes us into the Extreme Cold Test Base and let's explore together!

     The test was carried out at the Polar Vehicle Cold Test Field in Bei'an City, Heihe, involving more than ten test items such as heating, defrosting, braking, manipulation, cold start at low temperature, and environmental adaptability. After 45 days, the Zhongtong H9 "Ice Dance" has demonstrated extreme product performance.

Stable runway test
     The stable track test comprehensively considers the "reaction ability" of various components of the vehicle. H9 can effectively resist external interference and maintain stable driving during cornering or acceleration, while maintaining a stable posture throughout the vehicle.

Drive anti slip test
     The driving anti slip function is closely related to winter safe driving. H9 can effectively maintain directional stability and steering control ability during starting and accelerating on ice.

LCE and snow circular track test
     The H9 conducts a centering circle on the ice surface, and the electronic stability control function of the vehicle body intervenes in a timely manner to intervene and repair the driving status of the vehicle. At this time, the measuring cup filled with water in the vehicle does not leak.

Snake shaped runway test
     H9 effectively balances the vehicle's center of gravity while continuously passing through pre-set obstacle piles, demonstrating extremely high body stability and steering accuracy.

Braking capacity test
     The braking Achievement test test was carried out on the low attachment road surface, and the ABS braking effect, braking distance and tail flick effect of the whole vehicle of H9 were all within the safe range, ensuring driving safety.
At the same time, H9 has also performed very well in adaptability tests such as heating, defrosting, and low-temperature cold start. In extremely cold environments, quickly remove the frost layer attached to the glass, provide a feasible visual environment, and adopt the best heating mode to effectively ensure driving and riding comfort.

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