Batch Delivery Of Foton Ouhui Intercity Bus To Zhangjiakou

Batch Delivery Of Foton Ouhui Intercity Bus To Zhangjiakou

     In the midst of summer, all things thrive! On July 1, 2023, the delivery ceremony of bulk intercity buses between Fukuda Ouhui and Wanguo Lichi was grandly held, with leaders, guests, media, and others from both sides attending to witness this exciting moment. This successful delivery means that both sides will work together to promote the upgrading of Urban tourism passenger transport and enable high-quality travel.

Wan Guo Li Chi Boosts the Flourishing Development of Tourism Passenger Transport
     Zhangjiakou Wanguo Lichi Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, mainly engaged in passenger charter, tourist charter, and commuting services. The company always adheres to the core values of innovation, dedication, professionalism, and ecology, focusing on the tourism and car rental industry, and is committed to providing the public with a diversified travel experience that integrates quality, speed, and experience, truly achieving the comfort and comfort of "poetry and distance".
With the recovery of the domestic tourism industry, Wanguo Lichi is well aware that people will pay more attention to the quality and comfort of their travel methods. This time, we will establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Fukuda Ouhui, a pioneer of green passenger cars in China, to jointly promote the vigorous development of transportation and tourism passenger transportation in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region.

Bringing high-quality experiences to travel
     This year, with the comprehensive upgrade of Zhangjiakou Wanguo Lichi Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., there is an urgent need to inject new vitality from the innovation of existing vehicles to the rejuvenation of the overall management framework and system digitization. This time, Wanguo Lichi purchased two types of inter city buses, namely Foton Ouhui BJ6132 and BJ6906, among which BJ6132 series inter city buses are equipped with 55+1 Seating capacity, positioning high-end medium and long distance travel. Rhine white double sided luxury luggage rack, beautiful and fashionable, convenient for storing passenger luggage; The floor, dashboard atmosphere lights, and optional multi-color variable starry sky top bring a full sense of ceremony to travel. In addition, the BJ6132 series intercity buses adopt a fully load-bearing structure body, air suspension, and have both single and double windshield designs. The body adopts a large angle front axle and advanced front and rear axle synchronization tuning to enhance the vehicle's passability.
In addition, the Foton Ouhui BJ6906 intercity bus is built on the mature 9-meter product platform of Foton Ouhui and adopts a triple consumption reduction design, with an overall fuel saving rate of over 10%. Adopting ergonomic seats, the interior is comfortable and elegant, equipped with iTink intelligent car management system, fully meeting the operational needs of different scenarios. In terms of safety, the BJ6906 intercity bus has also achieved full level, adopting 4D body protection technology, equipped with front and rear dual discs, ABS, ESC, tire pressure monitoring and alarm, multi-channel monitoring, passenger safety belt reminder, etc. It fully carries multiple passive safety configurations such as the body and high-strength steel, always providing protection for the driver and passengers when traveling.

 Ouhui and Wanguo Lichi will join hands this time, which will inevitably drive the overall development of the tourism passenger transportation market and bring people more comfortable and enjoyable quality travel.

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