The Shaanxi Yan'an S700 tractor is experiencing a nationwide delivery boom, showcasing its strength everywhere!

The Shaanxi Yan'an S700 tractor is experiencing a nationwide delivery boom, showcasing its strength everywhere!
     The spring breeze blows warm, the car is hot, calm and leisurely, leading the way. In the booming gas heavy-duty truck market, there is a gas heavy-duty truck from Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle that has been firmly in the best-selling C-circle since its debut, and that is the Shaanxi Automobile Yan'an S700 tractor. Since the beginning of spring, there has been a continuous ordering frenzy in more than ten provinces and cities in China, with continuous delivery and good news.

     Leading the way with high-end heavy-duty truck engines

     How to stand out in the competitive high-end heavy-duty truck circle, Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle's Yan'an S700 traction station stands firm with the strong combination of "military quality" and "modern technology". The new cab design is in line with the aesthetic preferences of young people, adopting a minimalist front face mask and a starry grille decoration, increasing the overall luxury of the vehicle. The high-strength steel cage skeleton combined with the forward collision warning function of the vehicle provides reliable quality for safety protection, and its strength creates an industry model, leading customers to accelerate into the fast lane of wealth.

     Efficient operation and wealth creation leaders
     Express delivery, time is king, competing with the hard core strength of the vehicle's power system. The Shaanxi Yan'an S700 tractor is equipped with an integrated power chain consisting of Cummins 15N engine/Cummins M13 engine, Windong AMT gearbox, and Hande axle. The underlying data of the engine and gearbox are highly shared, enabling customized power tuning and deep integration of transportation scenario requirements.
     The Cummins 15N engine adopts intelligent brain 2.0 technology, which can accurately control the gas air-fuel ratio and exhaust gas recirculation rate, achieving a perfect balance between economy, power, and emissions; A two-stage three-way catalytic post-treatment system, water-cooled dual vortex channel, dual bypass turbocharger, etc., can effectively improve emission stability, work efficiency, and high-altitude adaptability, and calmly face the complex and ever-changing transportation conditions in China; A high-precision and highly reliable gas injection system can ensure precise control of the air-fuel ratio, with a service life of up to 15 years.
     The engine can also be matched with the Cummins M13 model, with a 23:1 compression ratio/250bar cylinder combustion explosion pressure, balancing power and economy; The specific fuel consumption is 172 grams per kilowatt hour, which is better than 5 grams or more in the same category; A wide economic speed range of 900-1500rpm, about 200 rpm wider than the same category; Equipped with an efficient turbocharger, the transient response is improved by 5% -10%; The lifespan of B10 is also more than 20% longer than that of the same category, and high reliability brings higher attendance rates, helping cardholders significantly increase their transportation revenue.
Enjoy driving comfort and earn more money
     In order to further enhance the driving experience of car enthusiasts, the Shaanxi Yan'an S700 tractor adopts a flat floor design with an internal height of 2.13m, increasing activity space and being very friendly to tall people. The driver's seat is equipped with a Grammer seat, equipped with elbow rest, ventilation heating, and airbag shock absorption functions. Combined with a four point air suspension shock absorption system in the cab, it can effectively alleviate driving fatigue.
     The double berth design meets the needs of couples, siblings, and other two person vehicles. The width of the lower berth reaches 90 centimeters, allowing for relaxation and stretching of limbs, creating a comfortable and warm resting harbor. The entire vehicle has over 1000L of storage space and can be equipped with optional features such as water dispensers and original refrigerators, making it convenient for long-distance transportation and a car centric lifestyle.
     Enjoying driving requires intelligent assistance to provide convenience. A brand new surround style instrument panel with a youthful design and fast handling; Matched with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, it can reflect the operation status and display fault lights; 12.3-inch floating intelligent large screen, supporting voice interaction function, can achieve multiple functions such as listening to music, playing videos, and vehicle monitoring; Equipped with Shaanxi Automobile's self-developed Tianxingjian vehicle networking system, real-time monitoring of vehicle status. Make driving smarter and more enjoyable, and help transport faster!
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