The 13th Shanghai International Bus Exhibition Resumes with Glory in 2024

The 13th Shanghai International Bus Exhibition Resumes with Glory in 2024

  Buses, as an essential link in urban public transportation, play a crucial role in the process of building a strong transportation nation. To better adapt to the new developments and demands of the domestic industry, the 13th Shanghai International Bus Exhibition, initiated by the Urban Transportation Network and co-hosted by the Urban Public Transportation Branch of the Chinese Society of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang Urban Public Transportation Association, Fujian Public Transportation Association, Shandong Urban Public Transportation Association, Jiangsu Comprehensive Transportation Transportation Branch, Jiangxi Urban Public Transportation Association, Henan Public Transportation Association, Sichuan Urban Public Transportation Association, Guizhou Urban Public Transportation Association, Xinjiang Urban Public Transportation Association, and Shengge Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will be held from December 18 to 20, 2024, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

  Comprehensive Upgrade
  As a professional gathering for domestic and international bus production technology, the Shanghai International Bus Exhibition has attracted much attention since its inception.

  The 2024 Shanghai International Bus Exhibition will be fully upgraded, with the theme of "Innovative 'Intelligence' Manufacturing Leads the Future". The total exhibition area will be over 20,000 square meters, featuring themes such as buses, smart public transportation, and hydrogen fuel cells. It will cover the entire industry chain from raw materials and components to vehicle manufacturing enterprises, and extend to hydrogen energy and fuel cells, lightweight manufacturing, and other areas, meeting the multi-level needs of customers.

  More than 300 outstanding vehicle manufacturers, parts exhibitors, and purchasers will gather at the scene, and it will also attract more than 100 responsible persons from urban public transportation companies in cities and regions, as well as experts and scholars, and professional visiting and purchasing groups from more than a dozen countries.

  The fully upgraded 2024 Shanghai International Bus Exhibition will not only showcase innovative technologies such as intelligent driving technology, new energy innovation, and Internet + green transportation, but also aims to provide more ideas and inspiration for thought. It will contribute to the accelerated development and iterative upgrading of China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry, provide new momentum for innovative transformation, broaden the cooperation paths for industrial chain enterprises, and create a higher-quality business platform for Chinese companies to display, communicate, and cooperate.

  High-profile Debut, Creating an Ultra-Smart Experience
Each exhibition's new product launch will be a highlight, attracting countless on-site visitors to stop and watch. The debut of the CRRC Electric C07 pure electric low-floor bus is another major work after CRRC Electric released the comprehensive upgrade solution for urban public transportation and the series of products such as the X6, New C10, and X12 of the Whale series family, fully meeting the public's needs for the 'first kilometer' and 'last kilometer' of travel, and filling the gap in urban short-distance bus lines.

  The 11-meter hydrogen fuel cell bus uses the unique fuzzy control technology of Wanxiang, which can achieve a range of up to 500 kilometers with full hydrogen and full electricity, leading the country in hydrogen consumption per 100 kilometers.

  As a "regular" of the Shanghai International Bus Exhibition, Yutong has created the 10-meter double-decker bus Yuwei E10 DD for urban and scenic area sightseeing, featuring humanized design and intelligent driving assistance technology such as a 360-degree panoramic surround warning system, providing a better driving and riding experience. The flexible operation that can be customized at a high end brings more possibilities for diversified operations of public transportation.

  A Bridge to the World

  Chinese bus and parts enterprises have performed well in market competition and have won the favor of many domestic and foreign customers. The rise of the Chinese bus army has promoted the overall development of the domestic industry and has encouraged Chinese bus enterprises to enter the global market.

  Professional Forums, Wisdom Plus
  As a grand event in the bus industry, in addition to product displays, the Shanghai International Bus Exhibition will also hold a series of professional forums and activities to discuss hot topics such as the development trends of the bus industry, policies and regulations, and market demand, providing a platform for exhibitors and visitors to communicate and cooperate.

  Jointly Exploring Innovative "Intelligent" Manufacturing
  As a professional gathering for domestic and international bus production technology, what major moves will Chinese vehicle companies and parts enterprises bring to the 2024 Shanghai International Bus Exhibition to refresh the audience's vision?

  From December 18 to 20, 2024, the CIBE Shanghai International Bus Exhibition sincerely invites relevant enterprises and professionals from the global bus industry to participate in this exhibition and jointly explore the path of development of "Innovative 'Intelligent' Manufacturing".

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