160 billion! China CRRC's brand value continues to rank first in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing

160 billion! China CRRC's brand value continues to rank first in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing

  On May 11, 2024, the "2024 China Brand Value Evaluation Information" was officially released in the China Brand Day series of activities. CRRC, with a brand value of 160.21 billion yuan, remained the top brand value in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing in China, and was selected as one of the first "Good Brand Development Behavior Organizations".

  It is understood that the public welfare "China Brand Value Evaluation Information Release" jointly organized by the China Brand Building Promotion Association and relevant authoritative units has been ongoing for 11 years. It is an important measure to establish a brand value evaluation mechanism with Chinese characteristics, create positive energy for Chinese brands, and promote Chinese brands to go global. Information dissemination follows international and national standards, adheres to the working principles of "science, justice, openness, and recognition", and is increasingly receiving widespread attention and recognition from society.

  Wang ammonium, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CRRC Group, was invited to attend the forum and give a speech. Wang ammonium stated that CRRC Group has always attached great importance to brand image construction, continuously enriching the "national business card" of China's high-speed rail with high positioning, excellent quality, and new models.

  It continues to make efforts in historical continuity, technology empowerment, talent protection, cultural soul casting, market presentation, and other dimensions, forming a three-dimensional, stable, mutually supportive and constantly advancing "national business card".
At the China Brand Day series of events held on May 12, 2024- the "China Brand Ten Year Road" report press conference and forum, China CRRC's "Looking at the World from the Train" brand activity was selected as an "Excellent Chinese Enterprise Brand Case for the Ten Year Brand".

  At the meeting, representatives from CRRC China shared their experience in brand building, stating that a brand is not an isolated concept, but rather reflects the quality and solemn commitment of the company. It also embodies the company's pursuit of excellence in technology, as well as its social stance and temperature of symbiosis and win-win. China CRRC will always maintain its original aspiration and passion, steadily move forward on the path of "brand going global", connect China's speed with the world, and enable Chinese brands to benefit humanity.


  From Made in China to Created in China, from Speed in China to Quality in China, from Chinese Products to Chinese Brands, CRRC has taken a solid, broad, and confident path in building a "national business card". In the future, CRRC will stand in a new dimension of "CRRC everyone strives, society generally recognizes, domestic industry benchmark, international industry reputation, and brand value leadership", accelerate the construction of CRRC brands with height, depth, thickness, and warmth, and contribute greater strength to manufacturing power, brand strength, and national rejuvenation.

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