50 Higer hydrogen buses launched in Beijing, China

50 Higer hydrogen buses launched in Beijing, China

  From the improvement of supporting facilities for hydrogen refueling stations, to the continuous efforts of hydrogen power systems, vehicle end, application end, etc., with the joint efforts of upstream and downstream in the industrial chain, the development of Beijing's hydrogen energy industry is flourishing, and hydrogen demonstration application projects are accelerating their landing, achieving hydrogen acceleration.

  On May 13, 2024, the Beijing Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone once again welcomed a new batch of 50 Higer hydrogen buses into operation, injecting scientific and technological innovation into the Beijing Tianjin Hebei hydrogen energy demonstration city cluster, demonstrating the capital's responsibility and technological leadership in implementing the "dual carbon" goals. And all these vehicles are 12 meter hydrogen fuel cell buses. The vehicle is equipped with a Yuchai Xingshunda commercial vehicle fuel cell system, with a maximum rated power of 125kW, which has advantages such as lower hydrogen consumption, reliability, and durability.

  Smooth journey, with a strong "hydrogen" wind blowing
  The 50 Higer hydrogen buses put into operation this time are the vivid practice of Beijing Xingshunda Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. in accelerating the demonstration and application of hydrogen energy in Beijing, which is of great significance for the implementation of the national hydrogen energy strategy and market development demonstration. In the future, these Higer hydrogen buses will be put into the field of passenger charter vehicles. As a professional transportation enterprise, Beijing Xingshunda is rooted in the Daxing region, with distinctive services and operations ranging from public transportation to tourism passenger charter, and green is its distinctive banner. From being the first to implement the mass application of pure electric vehicles to the mass introduction of Higer hydrogen buses, Xingshunda has been actively exploring new energy transportation services for a long time, adhering to the corporate strategy of green services and green development.

  Compared to traditional internal combustion engines, fuel cell power systems use the electrochemical reaction process of hydrogen and air to replace the mixed combustion in traditional internal combustion engines. The products have technological advantages such as high efficiency, zero emissions, low noise, and high power density. The green advantages of such hydrogen powered buses are highlighted, with a reduction of 70 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per 100 kilometers traveled. Empowered by better fuel cell power technology, they will further expand the application scenarios of hydrogen energy and provide a better foothold for green and zero carbon development.

  Not only that, the Higer hydrogen powered passenger car also has the advantages of short refueling time and long range. The refueling method is the same as that of gasoline powered vehicles. The onboard hydrogen storage system has a capacity of 25 kilograms, and a single refueling time of only ten minutes. After filling up with hydrogen fuel, it can travel nearly 400 kilometers, greatly meeting the efficiency of vehicle operation and ensuring one or two days of operation, making user operation more worry free.

  It is reported that this is also another in-depth cooperation of Beijing Xingshunda after introducing the first batch of 10 hydrogen fuel cell buses in 2023. Under the cooperation of both parties, Higer hydrogen powered buses, known as the "future energy", are rapidly integrating into people's daily lives, making green travel more beautiful, with a rich range of application scenarios ranging from public transportation to passenger chartering.

  The demonstration results are significant, and hydrogen energy is more futuristic
  The original intention is to go far, and the mission is to fulfill. Hydrogen energy is a secondary energy source that is abundant, green, low-carbon, and widely used. Vigorously developing the hydrogen energy industry is an important path to achieving the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, as well as national energy security. Beijing is not only a directional indicator for the development of new energy, but also a pioneer and practitioner of hydrogen energy acceleration.

  Hydrogen energy has a forward-looking layout, continuous iteration and upgrading, maintaining industry leadership in the research and development of Higer hydrogen buses, and also promoting Beijing's hydrogen energy exploration with strong hydrogen technology innovation capabilities. It is reported that up to now, nearly 200 Higer hydrogen powered buses have been deployed in the Daxing area of Beijing, achieving good demonstration effects. From the actual operation performance, the vehicle has superior performance, quiet and comfortable, superior driving performance, fully demonstrating the great advantages of hydrogen energy product technology, and is also loved by passengers for its pollution-free, comfortable and environmentally friendly characteristics.

  Nowadays, in Beijing Xingshunda, the fleet of 10 Higer hydrogen powered buses has an annual mileage of over 800000 kilometers. In the application scenario of tourism passenger shuttle buses, Higer hydrogen buses have already accumulated over 500000 kilometers of operation, fully verifying the stability of product performance. At the same time, it has also accumulated rich operational data and successful experience for the capital to fully build a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle demonstration city and promote the implementation of the national "dual carbon" strategy.

 As the industry strives to take the lead in the hydrogen revolution, it has demonstrated its technological strength and market leadership through innovative technology models. "Green and low-carbon transportation" is one of the "Top Ten Actions to Peak Carbon", and the development of hydrogen energy is an inevitable trend in energy transformation. Facing the future, we adhere to driving the industrial chain with innovation chains, and through large-scale vehicle demonstration applications, we drive the high-quality development of China's hydrogen energy industry, which also contributes to the early realization of the "dual carbon" goal.

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