Foton Bus Completed The High-altitude Test Project

Foton Bus Completed The High-altitude Test Project
Foton Bus is the first bus company in China to carry out the research and development, production and commercial operation of hydrogen fuel technology. Since the first generation of hydrogen fuel cell bus launched in 2008, the development route of Ouhui Technology has rapidly iterated to the fifth generation, and has fully mastered the core technology of hydrogen fuel. Up to now, Foton has a complete hydrogen energy family, covering a full range of 8.5-12m hydrogen fuel cell buses, and has carried out large-scale applications in urban public transport, tourism groups, customized buses and urban distribution and other scenarios.

During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games,
Foton hydrogen fuel cell buses became the backbone of the escort service team for the Winter Olympic Games. While realizing the "zero failure" escort throughout the whole journey, they also set a record for the largest scale and largest number of hydrogen fuel buses serving international sports events in history.

The 12-meter-long Foton Ouhui BJ6126 hydrogen fuel cell bus participating in this test has the characteristics of high environmental adaptability, high safety and low hydrogen consumption. It has been carefully designed and prepared in terms of vehicle structure design, vehicle control strategy and other aspects. It can last more than 400km after filling for 15-20 minutes, which can effectively meet the requirements of medium and long distance highway passenger transport, golden class line High-end tourism and group pickup services and other scenarios, and can be started at a low temperature of - 30 ℃, stored at a low temperature of - 40 ℃ and automatically protected from downtime. Compared with the same type of products, it has stronger environmental adaptability.

The whole vehicle adopts an integrated thermal management system and a new thermal management technology of power battery, which not only heats up quickly, but also reduces the energy consumption of heating in high and cold areas. In addition, this vehicle adopts a new generation of Fukuda non-power interruption drive system, with a maximum gradient of 25%, realizing the low hydrogen consumption performance of the vehicle on large ramps and flat road conditions, and also achieving a smooth start and stop, allowing passengers to experience the new experience of hydrogen fuel cell buses in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

In the field operation road test of several domestic fuel cell bus manufacturers invited by the Management Committee of Yulong Snow Mountain Provincial Tourism Development Zone in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, Ouhui BJ6126 hydrogen fuel cell bus, as the most energy-saving and low hydrogen consumption vehicle enterprise, led the industry, and became the bus with the lowest energy consumption, the most stable voltage output, the longest operating mileage, the most reliable fuel cell system operation, and the best overall performance of the vehicle, winning unanimous praise from customers present.

In this "Snow Mountain Argument" evaluation, Ouhui BJ6126 hydrogen fuel cell bus has successfully passed the low temperature and high cold test in the local plateau and mountain environment, with good operation performance, overcoming the technical limitations of the vehicle under the conditions of high altitude, low air pressure, low temperature, low oxygen content, etc., and providing practical operation demonstration for the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell bus in the mountain road environment with an altitude of 2800-3400 meters, It has also expanded the market "territory" of the entire hydrogen fuel bus industry.

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