Delivery of 80 BJ6851 Electric City Buses From Foton To Beijing

Delivery of 80 BJ6851 Electric City Buses From Foton To Beijing

     Recently, Futian Ouhui Bus delivered 80 brand new BJ6851 pure electric city buses to Beijing Wanjiatong Bus Transport Co., Ltd. These buses will be applied to passenger routes in the Changping area, providing convenient, fast, and green travel services for citizens. In the wave of comprehensive electrification of public transportation, Futian Ouhui Bus has once again contributed to the green upgrading of Beijing's urban public transportation system with its unique innovation ability and leading technology.

Excellent cooperation to create a better city for travel

     Beijing Wanjiatong Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. is a leading urban public transportation service provider in the industry. Since its establishment, Wanjiatong Bus Transport has been committed to providing high-quality, safe and reliable travel services for citizens. It is an important link for Beijing citizens' travel and has been widely praised by citizens. After years of accumulation and sedimentation, Wanjiatong Bus Transport has formed a diversified development pattern, with 52 operating lines, an annual operating mileage of 29 million kilometers, and an annual transportation of 24 million passengers.
     For a long time, Wanjiatong Bus Transport Co., Ltd. has maintained a close and stable cooperative relationship with Futian Ouhui Bus. Futian Ouhui Bus accounts for over 90% of all vehicles of Wanjiatong Bus Transport, making it the top choice brand for Wanjiatong Passenger Transport when purchasing vehicles.
Foton Electric Bus not only focuses on details in vehicle performance, but also continues to innovate in energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligence, and other aspects. Its unique design philosophy and advanced technological means have made it a leading brand in the field of urban buses. In the long-term cooperation, Foton Ouhui Bus has always adhered to the principle of quality, continuously improving the performance and riding experience of the vehicle, and creating a more comfortable and safe travel environment for urban passenger transportation. This delivery is the result of sincere cooperation and joint development between Wanjiatong Passenger Transport and Futian Ouhui Bus.

Pure electric bus transportation, a new future of green transportation

     As a practitioner of electrification in urban public transportation, Foton City Bus has been actively exploring the field of electrification, providing more environmentally friendly and intelligent solutions for urban transportation. The BJ6851 pure electric city bus delivered this time represents the latest achievements of Foton Bus in the field of green transportation, achieving comprehensive improvements in electric drive power, interior design, intelligent configuration, and other aspects.

     As a leader in the field of urban public transportation, Futian Ouhui Bus will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, continuously improve the quality and performance of its products, provide better vehicles and services for Wanjiatong Passenger Transport and more partners, and contribute to the green transportation of the city.
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