King Long Has Launched Over 900 New Energy Buses In The Past Three Years

King Long Has Launched Over 900 New Energy Buses In The Past Three Years

    The market is the touchstone. In the fleeting time, we have seen that the Chinese new energy bus industry is resilient and positive, with a "green" chain and a "carbon" path to high-quality development of Chinese buses. Even if we enter the "zero subsidy era" of real weapons, Suzhou
Kinglong Higer and other bus manufacturers have also broken out of Xintiandi with their strength.
In recent years, with the increasing severity of climate issues, the "low-carbon revolution" of globalization has gradually emerged. Compared to traditional fuel buses, new energy buses have advantages such as safer, more efficient, more energy-efficient, and more intelligent, which are widely recognized by tourists and the rental market. Especially for some high-end intelligent and more service-oriented new energy buses, sales have seen rapid growth.
     According to data from the China Automobile Distribution Association, the penetration rate of new energy large and medium-sized buses has reached 31% from January to June 2023, with one out of every three commercial buses being a new energy bus. Zhong Weiping, Secretary General of the Commercial Vehicle Special Committee of the China Automobile Circulation Association, introduced: "With the increase in battery energy density of new energy buses and the resolution of range anxiety, more and more users may be inclined to purchase new energy buses
We will also timely purchase new energy vehicles with high-end configurations such as car mounted rear projection, mobile phone projection screen, USB charging interface, privacy curtain, etc. to meet the needs of high-end groups. The relevant person in charge of a Beijing car rental company stated that generally speaking, purchasing a 50 seater new energy pure electric bus is about 200000 yuan higher than a similarly configured fuel powered bus. Although the procurement cost of new energy buses is relatively high, in actual operation, their operating costs are lower. From a full life cycle perspective, the cost is lower and more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
     In recent years, our company's commercial buses have gradually been upgraded from fuel powered vehicles to new energy buses, bringing about changes such as low interior noise, quietness, and more comfortable driving. "Master Chu, who has been working as a tourist bus driver for 14 years, told reporters, There are many blind spots in the field of view of large buses, and now new energy buses are equipped with safety probes in all directions. When the vehicle approaches pedestrians or objects, it will automatically brake, which is very safe
It can be seen that new energy buses have quietly infiltrated the market and received recognition and trust from multiple parties. Although new energy buses have lost the "special care" of subsidies, responsible bus manufacturing enterprises are becoming more self-reliant and constantly improving their innovation capabilities, showing a steady and positive development momentum.
As a leader in the bus industry, Suzhou Kinglong has been planning a layout for the research and development of electric bus since 2000, gradually accumulating technology and gradually developing hybrid electric buses, pure electric buses, and hydrogen fuel cell powered buses. Currently, it has a full range of new energy bus products ranging from 4 to 18 meters.


     As of now, Suzhou Kinglong Higer new energy buses have been widely served in multiple provinces and cities such as Jiangsu, Chongqing, Sichuan, Shandong, Zhejiang, Beijing, Guangdong, and exported to countries and regions such as Israel, South Korea, and Brazil.Taking Beijing as an example, in the past three years, Suzhou Kinglong has added more than 1000 new buses (including 110 hydrogen fuel cell buses) in the Beijing market, with new energy buses accounting for 95%, and new energy road buses accounting for up to 90%. They are mainly used in commuting groups, business tourism, and other fields, and have received unanimous praise from customer leaders, passengers, and drivers.
     Time is the most faithful recorder, engraved with the footprints of struggle, witnessing the reputation and strength. Looking back at the development process of China's new energy bus industry, there are both difficulties in "climbing" and "breaking through". However, in the face of various complex situations, bus manufacturing enterprises such as Suzhou Kinglong Higer have always adhered to their original intention, down-to-earth work, and strive for excellence. They have not only adapted to the baptism and test of the market trend, but also demonstrated the quality and magnanimity of Chinese buses. The future is more predictable!
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