Golden Dragon Buses and Indonesian Partners Build a Dream of Green Travel Together

Golden Dragon Buses and Indonesian Partners Build a Dream of Green Travel Together
 Indonesia is the largest market in Southeast Asia, where urban public transport and long-distance passenger transport are the main public transportation tools for the people. The Indonesian government is currently undertaking large-scale construction of road infrastructure. The government plans to increase the length of toll roads from 2,386 kilometers to 5,103 kilometers by 2024, and to 18,800 kilometers by 2030. The length of Jakarta's rapid transit system will increase from 431 kilometers to 2,149 kilometers. This is a growing market full of great commercial potential.

 Golden Dragon Buses has always maintained a close cooperative relationship with its long-term partner in Indonesia, SAG Company. Together, they have made progress to provide outstanding bus products and professional services for the Indonesian market. This cooperation model not only promotes in-depth exchanges between China and Indonesia in the field of transportation but also injects new vitality into the development of public transport in Indonesia.

  When interviewed by journalists, the person in charge of SAG, ANDRE, shared his experience of cooperation with Golden Dragon: "Before deciding to cooperate with Golden Dragon, I visited the Golden Dragon factory several times and was deeply impressed by Golden Dragon's pursuit of excellence in technology and pragmatic attitude towards the market. Both of us have shown a sincere willingness to cooperate." With the strong support of Golden Dragon, SAG successfully introduced Golden Dragon's pure electric buses to the Indonesian market and won widespread praise. At present, the market share of Golden Dragon's pure electric buses in Indonesia has exceeded 30%. SAG is full of confidence in the future cooperation with Golden Dragon and plans to introduce pure electric bus chassis in the future for local assembly to further expand market share.

  SAG expressed high trust and satisfaction with the all-round support and services of Golden Dragon Buses, which was fully reflected from pre-sales consultation to market research, and then to spare parts supply and after-sales service. Golden Dragon Buses not only provided SAG with high-quality products but also gave strong support in every link of market operation. It not only strengthened SAG's confidence in Golden Dragon Buses but also enhanced the trust of local users in Golden Dragon Buses. SAG can confidently recommend Golden Dragon Buses to local users, thanks to the all-round support and services of Golden Dragon Buses, which have provided full protection for SAG in market promotion, sales, and after-sales service.

  Indonesia has many local body manufacturers, with an annual industry output as high as 5,000 units. With the continuous improvement of Indonesia's highway construction and urban public transport, the demand for passenger and public transport vehicles is increasing. According to Hu Hui, the deputy general manager of Golden Dragon's overseas sales, Golden Dragon Buses has always been committed to introducing cutting-edge industry technology and is willing to cooperate with local body manufacturers to jointly improve the overall level of Indonesia's bus industry. Hu emphasized: "Golden Dragon came to the Indonesian market hoping to make more friends in the industry, not competitors. Everyone works together to promote the progress of the entire bus industry in Indonesia."

  Looking forward to the future, Golden Dragon Buses will continue to deepen its close cooperative relationship with Indonesian partners to explore more market opportunities and development space together. We believe that this cross-border cooperation model will become a highlight of China-Indonesia economic and trade cooperation, creating more win-win opportunities and a better future for both parties. We also hope that Chinese bus and supporting enterprises represented by Golden Dragon will promote high-quality Chinese buses and supporting products to a broader international market, further enhancing the global influence of Chinese manufacturing.
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